Basketball Prep-Academy

TAC Sports Advanced Basketball Academy Training

This will be a high level training program for all of our advanced player at TAC sports. The training sessions will run simultaneously with the academy competitive team practices and sometimes together. The purpose of these training sessions is to best prepare student athletes for high performance development for the school basketball season, as well as competitive basketball in a rep or house league program.  We will be enhancing the fundamental skills with advanced techniques and breakdowns, as well as introducing team play basics such as motion offense and shell defensive tactics. We will be going through advanced strategies to provide an edge for players to make strong impressions with coaches during their tryouts and promote confidence and leadership as the staple of our program.

Our aim and objectives as an organization and competitive basketball academy are to:

  • Develop a solid core of passionate players that will be able to play and grow together.
  • Create a hugely positive competitive experience for our basketball players.
  • Develop a great knowledge in both the players and parents of the skills, strategy, and mentalities needed to perform at a competitive level.
  • Consolidate a foundation of strategic and cohesive unity as a team to build the right positive habits during practice and gameplay.
  • Gradually increase game results as an indicator of excellent practice and increased game knowledge.

We will be running 3 different sessions:

Session 1: 

Monday nights

Ages: 7-12

Dates: Monday, October 30th –Monday, December 18th

Time: 07:15 PM – 08:15PM

Price: $15/session for 8 weeks ($120 + HST)

Location: North Preparatory Junior Public School

Session 2:

Wednesday nights

Ages: 7-12

Dates: Wednesday, November 1st – Wednesday, December 20th

Time: 07:15 PM – 08:15PM

Price:  $15/session for 8 weeks ($120 + HST)

Location: North Preparatory Junior Public School

Session 3:

Monday & Wednesday night combination

Ages: 7-12

Dates: Monday, October 30th – Wednesday, December 20th (2x/week)

Time: 07:15 PM – 08:15PM

Price: $13/ session for 8 weeks ($208 + HST)

Location: North Preparatory Junior Public School


Advanced academy training sessions are included for all competitive team members.


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