TAC Sports – Locations

We know that sometimes finding a program can be challenging, especially with many different locations. Please find the links to the different locations, maps and directions below:

Midtown Toronto

Glendon Campus at York

Glendon Athletic Club Proctor Fieldhouse – [CLICK HERE]

Toronto French School 

TFS La Petite Ecole – [CLICK HERE]

TFS Junior School – [CLICK HERE]

TFS Senior School  – [CLICK HERE]

Allenby Public School

Allenby PS – [CLICK HERE]


North York

A.R.S Armenian School

A.R.S Armenian School – [CLICK HERE]



St. Joseph Morrow Catholic School

St. Joseph Morrow Catholic School  – [CLICK HERE]

Tyndale University

Tyndale University  – [CLICK HERE]

Delano Academy

Delano Academy – [CLICK HERE]


Richmond Hill

Charles Howitt P.S

Charles Howitt  – [CLICK HERE]

Richland Academy

Richland Academy  – [CLICK HERE]



Dorcas Centre

Dorcas Centre – [CLICK HERE]

Sam Chapman

Sam Chapman School – [CLICK HERE]