Robotics (STEM)

Charles Rotenberg will offer half day STEM programming for the months of June and August at our Glendon Sports Camp location for a complete STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) experience. Our programming is age and skill level appropriate.

  • Morning Ages 5-8
  • Afternoon Ages 9-12

Academics, Mathematics & Computer Science

Students will gather each half day in small groups working for the first period on level appropriate curriculum.  Similar to the work we do at our morning math sessions, we promote collaborative learning involving  wrote skills, strategies and methods for problem solving. At the end of the week, each student will bring home a folder with their accomplishments. 

Students will create computer programs in Scratch, Javascript, and Python that reenforce concepts from the daily lesson.  For example, if the topic is prime numbers and factorization, then a programming session will be devoted to creating a game or program to generate primes or to factor composite numbers.

For older and more advanced students, they may register  for an online membership at where they will enroll in courses for both Algebra and Geometry and Scratch. These free offerings will remain for the rest of the calendar year should the student wish to continue. The recent explosion of MOOCs (massive open online course)  provides an opportunity for enthused students to be self paced with excellent interactive materials that provide immediate feedback for positive reinforcement. To date, I’ve had phenomenal success with my students along this path and I believe that this is the future or education where self direction with a passion for learning is key towards accelerated achievement.

Science, Robotics, Game Design Workshops

During the week, there will be several science workshops together with robotics building and game design that will fill out the remaining two periods.  The last period will focus on any project that the student wishes to continue with together with educational gaming tournaments in Minecraft for Eduction, Kerbal Space Program.