TAC Sports Academies

TAC Sports – From Recreational to Academy Level

Our mission is to have all of our players progress to a level where they can have the option to join competitive academies. Our academies focus on rapid development above all else, an environment for our students to progress and build their skills in a more intensive and focused way. We strive to give our passionate players the opportunity, skills and confidence to pursue college scholarships and beyond.

Our academies require further dedication and commitment to excellence, with 2 practices and 1 game per week as a minimum. Schedules and seasons differ per sport, as does the registration cost.

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Soccer Academy 

  • U9 (2008)
  • U10 (2007)
  • U11 (2006)



Basketball Academy

  • U10 (2008)
  • U11 (2007)
  • U12 (2006)