Food and Nutrition

All Inclusive Lunch Menu: Our camps at TAC Sports include an all inclusive lunch and am/pm snack food option. We have teamed up with personal chefs through ILC, Aramark, and Real Food for Real Kids to provide the best food options available.

Lifelong Health Habits: Students are taught lifelong health habits such as proper nutrition and proper eating strategies for sports. We strive to have the healthiest food at our camps, providing our students with wholesome, protein and vitamin-rich meals that expose children to different flavors and textures. Our coaches emphasize the importance of eating well for performance and act as models for the children to emulate throughout the week, as all coaches must eat the same meals that the campers are having.

Nut Controlled Environment: All our foods are prepared in a nut controlled environment

Religious and Allergy Concerns: All our food is pork free, and all special allergies or further religious concerns will be accommodated through special adjustments to the menu. Our food is not prepared in a halal or kosher kitchen.

Please find more information and menus below.