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Teen X TAC Sports Summer Camp 2022

Specialized Traning and Certification

Receive industry leading training culminating in Certification. Perfect for resumes and post-secondary applications!

Self-Development and Workplace Skills

Develop autonomy, responsibility and self-confidence. Set yourself up for success in sports, academics and your future career!

Excellent Individual Attention

Our low coach-to-student ratio ensures every child gets the attention they deserve from their expert coaches and mentors!

Sports & Leadership Programs

With a huge range of activities, there’s something for everyone at TAC!

COVID-19 Regulations

All programs in 2022 are designed to comply with COVID-19 camp regulations released by the Ontario and American camp associations and the Government of Canada guidelines.

Safety First

All programs in 2022 are designed for the safety of the campers, coaches and families in mind. Camps are staffed with the top professionals, run by experienced directors trained in education and psychology, with decades of camp experience.