3 Basic Drills to Help Improve Your Child’s Soccer Skills

Looking for ways to help your child improve their soccer game? Try out these three basic drills to help build their skills and confidence.



3 Basic Drills to Help Improve Your Child’s Soccer Skills


As the most popular sport in the entire world, it’s no wonder that a lot of kids want to try figuring out how to play soccer. They quickly learn that it’s a lot more complicated than just kicking a ball around, though, which can often leave them frustrated given how poor their skills seem in comparison to more experienced players. This is especially true for kids, but with the right amount of practice, anyone can become proficient at the game. If that’s your goal, here are three basic drills to help improve their soccer skills.



  1. Passing

Passing is one of the fundamental aspects of soccer as a team sport. If your child can master this skill, they’re already well on their way to greatness. It’s not all about one player, though, as proper ball control is only part of the equation. The other is learning how their teammates play to better know when to pass between them as an effective unit. This is especially good for teaching children life skills like sharing and teamwork, too.



  1. Shooting

To shoot is more than just kicking the ball as hard as you can. It’s strategy, planning, and control all wrapped into one. It’s also important to practice faking out the goalie, as just kicking wildly and hoping for the best rarely gets someone very far if the other team is at all good at what they do. It’s all interconnected, so learning one will inevitably help your child be even better at the other.



  1. Dribbling

Similar to basketball, dribbling is the most fundamental skill in a soccer player’s arsenal. Before someone can even think of learning the previous two skills on this list, they should first want to have dribbling down to a science, not only because of its position as a basic facet of the game but because of how mastering their control over the ball and their own kicking power plays into what they can build upon in other aspects of practice.


Even if their goal isn’t to one day join a professional team, learning these three basic drills will definitely help improve your child’s skills at soccer in a dramatic fashion. Get your kids

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