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The 3 Types of Goals

The 3 Types of Goals

Goal setting is important, but did you know that there are different types of goals that you can set? Not every goal is the same, and it’s important for kids to be aware of how goals can differ. There are different categories of goals such as life, family, academic or sports goals. In any goal you set within these categories, there are different types of goals within the process. Below are the 3 types of goals that people can take to achieve success. 



Process goals involve the process of attaining success. These are goals that don’t rely on external factors but are purely based on your will and desire. For instance, you may set a goal of going for a jog daily. Process goals are the most important goals as they are what’s going to influence success. They are the habits that you nurture which will help you to achieve success. They’re not about what you achieve, but rather, what you do. As NBA player Joel Embiid always says, you gotta “trust the process”. 


Personal Goals

Personal goals are more performance based than process, but they are solely focused on you. If for example you can make 5/10 free throws in basketball, your goal might be to make 7/10 within a few months. These goals are not based around other people’s standards but simply your own personal standards and expectations. Personal goals are ones that you make in order to beat yourself and become a better version of yourself. By frequently setting personal goals, you will constantly grow and become better each time you achieve a goal. Personal goals are a great way to measure success while avoiding comparisons to others which can promote an unhealthy mindset and be futile. 


Outcome Goals

Outcome goals are more competitive. You may make progress and growth, but these goals are based on the results. This type of goal is one that is good to strive for, but not always an accurate representation of growth. Sometimes, you may improve and give it your all but it still might not give you the results that you expected. An example of an outcome goal in sports might be to make a sports team or win a game. There are many factors that go into these outcomes and different people you are playing against. Outcome goals should be strived for but never relied on as a key indicator of progress.


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