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Adventure Camp

Adventure camp is a very prolific camp we run throughout the year to develop younger kids’ sports skills, knowledge, and overall development. In this blog, we will highlight what adventure camp is, the skills learned from it, and how it leads to single sports camps when they are older. We focus on the development of kids aged 3.5-16; however, adventure camp is focused on explicitly developing those aged 3.5- 6. 

About Adventure Camp

Adventure camp is our premier physical literacy multi-sport program that we run throughout the year for the younger ages. Our unique program covers various popular sports, such as basketball, soccer, tennis, dance, and gymnastics. The camp covers multiple topics as we also teach the campers essential martial arts and self-defense. As well, the topics this program covers expand much further than just sports. Our daily activities include arts and crafts, storytime, camp songs, and low organizational games where campers learn fundamental social skills. Also, the camp is always different week by week; we offer other activities for the kids to get involved in every week to make sure they get the most out of participating in the camp. Aswell our 5- star development system is integrated into this program so kids at every level can develop the essential skills they need. The camp is different for every level of the 5-star development system to ensure the activities and skills are on par with the child’s level. This program fosters innovation and creation among younger children and develops the foundation for future success in sports. 

Skills Developed 

This program develops skills at different skill levels through the 5-star development system. Adventure camp produces a wide variety of skills because so many activities are incorporated into the program. The campers’ skills are accessed on the first day, then placed into the appropriate level of the 5-star development system. Adventure camp develops basic sports skills such as dribbling a basketball, passing soccer, hitting a tennis ball, and more. Depending on the level the campers are in will depend on the level of skill they are developing; the higher level they are, the more advanced skills they will grow. On top of developing skills within the sports they learn throughout the program, campers also develop other skills that will benefit them. This program develops kids’ social skills through the activities incorporated, so the children learn how to play fairly with other kids and acquire essential communication skills. We also develop creativity and innovation in younger children through daily activities such as arts and crafts, where we encourage children to release their inner creativity. Overall, adventure camp develops various skills within and outside of sports that benefit children’s growth. 

Leads To Single Sports Camp

Adventure camp develops essential skills for kids aged 4-6 in various sports. The program gives children a taste of multiple sports to see what they like. This allows the child to choose the sport they want to pursue when they get older. When the children turn 7, they can participate in single sport-focused camps as we provide basketball, soccer, dance, and gymnastics camps. The adventure camp program allows a smoother transition into the single sport-focused camps. These kids have already developed skills within the sports, so they can continue to grow them to more advanced levels. 



Adventure camp is one of TAC Sports’ premier physical literacy multi-sport programs. Our incredible program covers popular sports (soccer, dance, gymnastics, low-organizational games, MMA and basketball) and individual sports such as tennis! Register your kid for camp today, or for more information, head to our camps page!


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