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Summer camp at TAC for both the campers and the coaches is a surreal experience. You walk into an environment of high energy and positivity. We always start our days with cheers and power affirmations because it’s important to remind each camper that they are special and have the potential to achieve anything. However, we’re not only a camp, we’re a community; everyone knows everyone and everyone is friends with everyone. This is evident when working on soccer, tennis or basketball skills; there is never any negativity. Everyone works in an environment that is positive and encouraging.

The TAC Sports philosophy is one that is premised upon building skills that are critical to the development of a child: confidence, teamwork, communication, to name a few. As a coach, I have seen many of my most timid students become vocal leaders. This is an example of what the TAC Sports philosophy represents: to uncover the true potential of all of our campers so that they may grow as athletes, as leaders, and as individuals.

I have told my students this and I think I speak on behalf of all coaches when I say it: a coach’s greatest pride is not the number of wins the team has but a coach’s greatest pride is seeing his/her students striving to improve. Education is a never-ending journey, we all learn something new everyday and we will never be perfect. However, we become exemplary individuals when we try to achieve our fullest potential, and, in doing so, get as close to perfection as we can. That’s all a coach can ever ask for.

The summer camp of 2015 had many memorable moments. In soccer development we played a passing game where we were struggling to surpass 13 points. However, after a little encouragement, the students worked together and managed to score over 40 points. They were able to refocus, work as a team and overcome a challenge, demonstrating resilience and building confidence. In basketball development we had our most timid students communicating with one another and working as a team. Education through sport teaches not only sport specific lessons but lifelong lessons as well.

-Coach Daniel

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