5 Star Development System

TAC Sports created The 5 Star Development System to assist students to become more motivated, more confident, and more knowledgeable about their own development.

The 5 Star Development System includes 50 distinct skills over 5 different levels per sport. Each different level specifies criteria and achievements for students to obtain for each sport.

5 Star Challenge

Young Beginner
Learning fundamental physical literacy, basic skills and co-ordination.

Shooting Star®
The introduction of fundamental skills and gameplay.

Building on basic skills with the introduction of advanced techniques.

Advanced techniques are taught, positional play and teamwork emphasized.

Bringing together advanced skills, strategy, speed of play, precision & gameplay.

Student Tracking

Each of our students is individually tracked in each of the sports they are enrolled in. They have an account and a history of their progress reports, current level of the 5 Star Development System, their points of improvement, their strong points, and any additional notes pertaining to the student.

Students are tracked continuously throughout each of the different programs. The 5 Star Development System works across all types of programs, and students have the opportunity to get to the next level whether it be a development program, camp, competitive program or prep-academy.

Complete Program System

TAC Sports offers a complete program system to make sure that our students fulfill all their development needs, both in skill and in competitive experiences.

5 Star Development Program