Camp Policies

Cancellation Policies

24-Hour Cancellation Policy: Camp registration cancellation and refund requests received by email within less than 24 hours from the time of registration can be processed with a $45 cancellation fee. All cancellation requests after 24 hours will have the below policies applied. 

Day Camp Cancellation Policy: Winter Break, March Break, Summer Camps – Cancellation requests received via email qualifying in the below deadline dates will be refunded minus a $100 fee. Any cancellation after the below deadline dates will not receive any refund but can get a credit minus the $45 administration fee. 

  • Cancellation Deadline for the Following Camps: 
    • Winter Break (Nov 15th of each year) 
    • March Break (Feb 1st of each year) 
    • Summer Camps (April 25th of each year)

These policies have been implemented to address the camp fees pertinent to each registration conducted in advance of the program.

Drop In’s Cancellation: Drop In cancellation requests received by email following the above dates will receive a refund minus 50% cancellation fee. Any cancellation after the below deadline dates will not receive any refund but can get a credit minus the $45 administration fee.

Cancellation into Credit: At any time, you may request by email a cancellation and apply the amount as a non-refundable credit to your TAC Sports account minus a $45 administrative fee. The credit does not expire. 

Cancellation without email provided: If no notice of cancellation is given by email, no credit or refund will be provided.

Other year-round camps: include PA Day Camp, November Break Camps, Mid-Winter Break Camp, and Passover camps.

  • Cancellation requests received via email within 30 days’ notice of the start of camp are eligible for a refund minus a 50% cancellation fee. Any cancellation after that will not receive any refund but can get a credit minus the $45 administration fee. 

Extended care Cancellation

At TAC Sports camps, we offer a one-time exception for changing or removing extended care services without additional charges. However, any subsequent changes to extended care will incur a $10 fee. Please note that all requests for changes to extended care must be submitted at least 48 hours before the start of the camp to ensure proper coordination and logistics. We appreciate your understanding and cooperation in adhering to this policy as it allows us to provide the best possible experience for our campers.

How to use your TAC Credit

To use your TAC credit, please proceed through the registration as you would normally process it. Towards the end of the full registration, after all the forms have been filled out and before the payment page you will be prompted to use your credit. Please note that you will have to use the same email/account as you did during your last registration where the credit was applied.

  • *Important to Note*: TAC Sports, TAC Aquatics, and LSA have separate stores and accounts. If you have a credit in your TAC Aquatics or LSA accounts and wish to use it for a TAC Sports camp you must contact the office for assistance in transferring your credit to the correct account.
    • Refunds on credit not applied properly due to the above will not processed.

Cancelled Programs

Due to any force majeure, including but not limited to: pandemics, cancelled permits by the permit office or facility owners, any cancelled programming or camps will be provided credit ONLY – no refunds.

Credit is provided if the programs/camps are cancelled by TAC and not by the client’s initiative – If cancelled by the client’s initiative, the cancellation policy is upheld.

The credit lasts indefinitely and can be used for any TAC Program.

Adjustments to Registration

One adjustment to your registration can be processed. Any additional adjustments will carry a $45 administration fee.

Missed Days Of Camp

In the case of exceptional illness that results in three consecutive missed days or more, a 50% refund or 100% credit will be provided. A signed doctor’s note must be provided in these circumstances.

In case of a single-day illness, a 100% credit ONLY will apply, with no refund. A signed doctor’s note must be provided in these circumstances.

Individual camp days missed for any reason cannot be refunded or credited without a doctor’s note.

If no notice of a cancellation or missed lesson is given by email, no credit or refund will be provided.

Discount Policies

To benefit from discounts (Early Bird, Sibling, and Multiple Weeks discounts), participants must register all their family members and all weeks of camp at the same time. Cumulative discounts will not be applied on future/separate purchases/invoices.

    • **All discounts and coupons will not be applied to any drop-in sessions and pro-rated fees, only to full session registrations.**

Coupons are for one-time use ONLY and cannot be applied multiple times per account. If the same coupon is found to be used multiple times, TAC Sports holds the right to invoice the account owner for the amount of the extra coupons.

Discounts, Coupons and special offers can not be applied toward already purchased programs, camps, or activities.

*Further restrictions may apply*

Weather-Related Altered Programming

No refund, credit or make-up days for rainy days or inclement weather will apply. 

  • Our coaches and coordinators are equipped with a rainy-day schedule in the event of inclement weather. Students will remain in their sport-specific groups. Coaches will adapt their lesson plans for the indoor space and provide alternative programming for the day.

Cancellation of Programs/Sports

Specialized programs and sports require a minimum of 5 students in order to function as designed. If the minimum number of registrations for a specific program is not met, the said program may be cancelled anytime the week before the camp is to start.

TAC Sports will provide as much notice as possible about the cancellation of the program. However, this may be only on the Friday before the start of the program. If a program is cancelled, the participants will be given the opportunity to choose an alternative program. A refund for any program with additional fees that have been cancelled will be provided. However, if requested to cancel the full week of camp, the camp cancellation fees will apply.

Lunch Policies

All full day, full week registrations will be included in the lunch program*. This provides the camper with a morning snack, lunch, and an afternoon snack.

  • All our camps are nut-free. We can cater to specific allergies and most dietary restrictions. All allergies and dietary restrictions for medical, religious, or cultural reasons MUST be noted in the registration form during the registration process in the appropriate sections allocated for such information – an alternate meal with these allergies and dietary restrictions in mind will be provided.

To be eligible for the lunch program, a full-day camper must be registered for 4 days or more of the same week.

  • Registrations of three days or less per week will not be provided with the lunch program– Unless the camp is set up as a 3-day week by TAC Sports (Example: Winter Break Camp 23/24 – Week 1 December 27th to December 29th)

Half day registrants will receive one snack. Half-day camper must be registered for 4 days or more of the same week.

  • Registrations of three days or less per week will not be provided with a snack.

Registrations done within a week or less of the start date of camp are not guaranteed lunch, dietary restrictions, allergy-specific meals, and snacks. Lunch must be packed from home until confirmed with the office that lunch will be provided for late registration campers.

It is highly recommended that extra snacks be packed from home.

*Some camp locations are excluded from the lunch programs. This will be noted on the registration.

If a child requires an Epi-Pen please ensure to provide the camp coordinator with the Epi-Pen. This will be returned at the end of each day or at the end of the week of camp. The Epi-Pen will be placed in a secure but accessible location in the event of an emergency.


TAC Sports will not be held accountable for any tickets/parking tickets received.

Government Funds

  • There will be no refund for Government funds or support. Only credit if applicable.

Gift Certificates

  • Cannot be used to refund already purchased weeks of camp.
  • Whatever value you’ve provided to obtain the gift certificate does not affect the value of the stated amount on the gift certificate.
  • Multiple gift certificates cannot be combined.
  • One-time use ONLY.
  • If the full value of the gift certificate is not used it cannot be redeemed at a later time, no credit or money back will be provided for the remaining amount.
  • Applicable to camp tuition Only.
  • Must present gift certificate with code clearly visible to claim week of camp.
  • Cannot be redeemed as in-store credit or refundable cash.
  • If the program or camp is cancelled, no refund or credit will be applicable.
  • The gift certificate can be applied to only one participant; if there is a remaining amount, it cannot be used for a second participant.

Bullying and Inappropriate Behaviour Policy

At TAC Sports, we prioritize creating a safe and inclusive environment for all participants. We maintain a zero-tolerance policy towards bullying, violent or inappropriate physical behaviour, or inappropriate verbal conduct. Any participant found engaging in such conduct may have their registration cancelled immediately, with notification to both the camper and their parents. In such cases, the participant will be sent home promptly to ensure a safe and respectful atmosphere for all camp participants. A refund will be issued minus the $45 administration fee for the remaining camp week or program. We are committed to fostering a positive and nurturing environment and experience for every individual within our programs.

Emergency List

We keep emergency contact information at every location, with records on medical history or allergies. We identify, treat, report, and record any occurrence of injury in a systematic way and keep up-to-date safety records of each camper.

Sign In/Out System

At TAC Sports, we have a proven and safe system in place for the sign-out of campers. No camper leaves the premises without a parent or guardian signing them out. Parents are required to show official identification every day upon pickup of their children and have to be on the list of authorized personnel.

TAC Sports is not liable for any children until they are signed in to our care by the parent or guardian or other authorized person listed on the authorization list.

Lost and Found Items

Each location has its own Lost and Found Bin. All items found by the coordinator and coaches will be placed in this bin. At the end of the camp items not claimed will be donated to a charitable organization. It is highly recommended that the child’s full name is placed on all personal items.

TAC Sports is not held accountable for any lost items, including but not limited to clothing articles, electronics, water bottles etc.

First Aid Materials

Fully Stocked First Aid Kits and ice packs are available at all times at all camp locations.