5 Reasons Why Your Child’s Life Would Positively Change Through Our Overnight in the City Camp


  1. Gaining Independence
  2. Feel like a Professional
  3. Learn Personal Organization
  4. Improve Dramatically
  5. Gain Lifelong Personal Habits

Gaining Independence

In our Overnight in the City Camp, campers are able to gain valuable independence without traveling far from home. Located at Bayview and Steeles, the camp creates a safe and responsible environment for campers to grow, learn and develop physically and emotionally.

They get the chance to be on their own without parents for a week or more at a time (campers can book up to three weeks). This early independence teaches campers to learn more about their own strengths, abilities and talents, supported and mentored by our fantastic coaches.

Feel Like a Professional

Did you ever wish that you could get a chance to feel like a professional when you were growing up? Did you ever want to train like Lionel Messi or Lebron James? Now, our campers get to have that experience! With breakfast, lunch and dinner catered to them, as well as every aspect of soccer and basketball training covered, campers feel like they are in La Masia in Barcelona or Scotiabank Arena in Toronto.

Campers watch video highlights in their downtime, strategy videos during lunch, and compete in soccer and basketball related games throughout the day.

They learn all it takes to maximize their skills including professional nutrition, proper sleep habits, and how to maintain their bodies through stretching and tailored fitness training.

Learn Personal Organization

Successful and professional people are always able to organize their lives to maximize efficiency. Campers in our Overnight Camp are taught how to personally organize themselves. This includes being guided through and developing their own training plan. Campers learn personal responsibility through respecting curfews and timelines as well as keeping their beds and living areas in order. They learn how to stay energized throughout the week and maintain a positive and responsible attitude, just like a professional.

Improve Dramatically

Campers immerse themselves in the camp experience and will improve in every aspect of their game – fitness, sports skills, mental skills, motivation and organization.

Campers are training in the best facilities in the city and have over 20 hours of intensive training in skills alone. On top of this, they participate in tournaments, games, and strategy building for an additional 20 hours during the week.

This level of immersion guarantees that the campers are improving at a dramatic rate.

Gaining Life-Long Personal Habits

The ages of 9-13 is a transformative time in a young person’s life. This is when we take our first steps out from our parents and begin to yearn for independence. It is also during this time we begin to develop and reinforce habits that tend to stick with us for the remainder of our lives. Our coaches will help your children build lifelong personal habits that affect positive change in their lives forever.

A glimpse into the habits:

  • Getting up early to train.
  • Re-focusing during the day.
  • Learning strategy and skills in your downtime.
  • Learning how to stay motivated and compete.
  • Being clean, organized and respectful.

These are some of the amazing lifelong habits that campers will build in our TAC Sports Overnight in the City Camp.

We look forward to seeing you and your children this summer and watching them build sports skills and life skills at Camp. Go TAC!

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