How To Become a Consistent Athlete

Being a consistent athlete is tough, but preparation and the right mental outlook can make a big difference.

4 Tips for Improving Athletic Consistency

Consistency is one of the most frequently overlooked factors needed to succeed in a sport. The best athletes are often those who can do a good job every time instead of those who alternate between perfect and mediocre performances. There are a few key things you can do to ensure that your child maintains consistency.

Repeat Activities

One of the most important ways to improve consistency is repetition. When your child does an activity over and over, they develop something called muscle memory. This is a complex coordination of the brain, muscles, and nerves that lets athletes perform motions the same exact way each time. Something like repeatedly running drills helps build muscle memory and develop reliable results.

Manage Stress

Sometimes, an athlete struggles with consistency because they get nervous on the day of a game. It is important to build a healthy attitude toward sports, so young athletes need to be taught to see competition as an exciting challenge instead of as a scary event. Mental health tools like meditation, daily affirmations, and positive thinking can be very helpful.

Train Properly

The human body is an incredible tool that can go above and beyond its natural capabilities during times of intense stress. However, trying to rely on unexpected displays of strength or speed during a competition is unwise. Athletes are more likely to have good results regularly when they take the time to train in advance. A good training regimen can help increase endurance and strength to necessary levels.

Stick to a Routine

What your child does the day before a big competition can have a big effect on their performance. It is impossible to get the same results if they only get four hours of sleep before one game or eat a giant meal before the next game. Find a pre-competition routine that works for your child and follow it every time. Having an exercise routine on off days is also useful because it lets your child get into the habit of training regularly.

Consistency is just like any other athletic skill, and your child can work to improve it with regular practice and mental preparation.

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