Igniting the Third Factor

There is a universal success that underpins all successful athletes, and especially seen in the greats of our time, the Kobe Byrants, the Michael Jordans, the Wayne Gretzkys, the Roger Federers.

All of these mega successful athletes were not forced into success. They all had..


They wanted it, they were pulled by a vision, not pushed.

This is what Dr. Peter Jensen, author of “Igniting the Third Factor’, explains. Athletes and students must be ignited to personal development and be pulled by a juicy and image-filled positive vision of their future success.

The children must also be supported by coaches with an equally strong developmental bias. This is why the most amazing coaches: the John Woodens, the Jose Mourinho’s, the Vince Lombardi’s were successful. They spent as much time or more developing themselves as they did their athletes.

This is why at TAC Sports we are focused on the development on our coaches and a superior training system. To have the best children, you must have the best coaches and trainers. And as much pushing and forcing you do to a coach or student, you can’t get them to be a truly top performer until they have

Ignited their Third Factor..

A burning desire to personally develop to achieve their goal 

This is something of particular interest to me, especially as we are on the verge of re-designing our star development system to create every single ignition of passion. We want children to understand their own development and learn how to build themselves into leaders and passionate people.

That being said..we have to go to a seminar on coaching and improvement now! We’ll see you in class!

Stay focused, feed your passions,
Yours in sport education,

Coach Alexander

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