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On our recent post about TAC sports camp we mentioned that they have partnered with LSA
(Lifetime Skills Academy) to offer STEM themed programs that will help our children exercise
their creativity and develop a variety of skills.

Lifetime Skills Academy (LSA) mission is to develop future leaders ready for the technological
world. Their programs are designed to ensure students get a full range of exposure to all the new
technologies, and soft skills such as Leadership and Confidence and Public speaking to thrive in
the world. The programs are developed by experts in technology and psychology, and will be
delivered by certified coaches.

My children have participated in the LEGO robotics program at the camp and loved every
moment of it. As a parent, I was excited to hear their stories about what they were learning and
creating each session in this hands-on, positive and motivating space. It is fun for children to
explore new programs and connect it to everyday things they see in our environment. This
summer, LSA and TAC are partnering to offer a variety of new programs at various locations,
check their website for details on the locations and programs. Children can choose to do a TAC
sport for half a day and a STEM themed program offered by LSA for the other half.

The hands-on learning STEM themed programs include:

  • Lego Robotics (Lego Robotics, Programming, Robot Wars)
  • Lego Architect (Lego Robotics Beginner)
  • Master the new Dimension: 3D Printing: (Online modelling, learning 3D printing)
  • Code Breakers: Software Coding (Scratch, programming Languages)
  • LSA Creativity Unleashed (Use different art mediums, technology and art)
  • LSA Strong Food – Cooking and Nutrition
  • The Successful Leader: Leadership and Success (Goal setting, mind mapping, life skills)
  • Future Millionaire (Board Games, Financial Literacy, Debit, Credit, Budgeting)
  • Master Speaker: Public Speaking (Speech Creation, Vocal Delivery, Debating)

Register your children for these exciting programs by checking the LSA website where they will
learn a variety of skills that will benefit them and open up opportunities!

Disclosure: This post is in partnership with TAC and LSA. All images are posted with
permission. Please note that all opinions and thoughts expressed are my own. All rights reserved
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