How parents can support their child's coach

How Parent’s Can Support Their Child’s Coach

As a parent, it can be difficult to have to surrender control to a coach. Most coaches want to be a part of their teams growth and love to see players succeed. Your goal should not be to antagonize your child’s coach but to support them. Many youth coaches are often volunteers and take valuable time out of their day because of their passion for the sport. By supporting your child’s coach you are ultimately supporting your child itself. Here are some ways as to how parents can support their child’s coach.


Display a Positive Attitude 

To support your child’s coach, you should be displaying a positive attitude at all practices/games or team events. Avoid gossiping with other parents about the flaws that your child’s coach may have or about other players. Always be thankful to coaches and speak positively whether directly or indirectly. By doing so, you will be a good role model to your children. Otherwise, you will be showing your children that it’s okay to make excuses or blame others when things don’t go your way. By speaking ill of other people you will teach your child to do the same which can lead to them displaying a negative attitude during their sporting events. Instead, it’s best to not only be positive to coaches but to other kids and parents on the team so that your child learns how to be a good teammate. 


Let The Coaches Do Their Job

If you are not a coach on the team then it’s best to let the coaches on the team focus on coaching. By trying to tell the coach how to do their job you are putting unnecessary pressure and stress upon them which they don’t deserve. They will never be able to please everybody so you will only be making their job harder. As a parent, you will also feel less pressure and stress when you surrender control of the team to the coaches and have full trust in them. 


Speak With Them Privately

If you are unsatisfied with how your child is being treated by the coach or his teammates, it’s okay to have a mature conversation in private. Don’t be confrontational or demanding, but instead try to figure out their reasoning and perspective. For example, if your child is on a team where there is unequal playing time and you are concerned about their minutes, you might be wanting to ask them why. They might be able to tell you ways in which your child can improve which you can then use to help your child. You shouldn’t antagonize them or put pressure on them to give your child more playing time, but instead work with them to figure out the best way to support your child.


Offer to Help

As a parent you should offer to help your child’s coaching staff in any way possible, except for coaching itself. For instance they might need volunteers to help drive them to games or need someone to help them out with a drill in practice. If you have played the sport and want to give other players tips that goes a long way as well. Anyway you are able to help your child’s team without getting in the way of the coaches will help to better their team. 


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