More than Just an Athlete at TAC

Top 5 Reasons to be ‘More than Just an Athlete’ through TAC Sports


Here are the top 5 reasons why it’s important to be more than just an athlete. We teach this at TAC Sports, and this is part of our mission and brand.


  1. Becoming a Leader


Being a leader is the next evolution for athletes and is a core component of our training in TAC Sports.


Leadership involves taking initiative, constant improvement, and setting the example through actions and through words.  Leadership means helping others around you and setting an example.


A team full of leaders is a team that wins. A team full of leaders is a team that is thriving, ahead of every game and every competition.


  1. Thriving in Technological World


Technology has defined the last 10 years and will continue to define the next Century. We believe that not only athletics but knowledge of Finance, Art, Public Speaking, and Technology such as 3D-Printing, Coding, and Robotics will be essential to thrive in this world.


Everyone at TAC Sports has the chance to learn and be involved with programs run by Lifetime Skills Academy (LSA).


Our camps offer the opportunity to combine a half day of sports with a half day of technology, art, and finance this Summer.


  1. Fitness and Swimming Prowess


Campers at TAC Sports focus on fitness and building a musculature that helps them in injury prevention and sets campers up for performance.


Our Swimming programs and camps insure that each camper has the ability to learn Swimming and to progress through the official Red Cross levels. Campers have skills that are tracked online and move towards bronze medallion and lifesaving.


  1. Increased Knowledge and Understanding


Our 5-Star development program allows campers to follow a step-by-step guide for improvement and the steps needed to get to the next level, providing a full map of development.

At TAC Sports we believe that knowledge and understanding are the keys to developing as a top athlete and performer, and the more knowledge the campers have of their development, the better they will thrive.


We also encourage parents to be involved, and we have great parent feedback through every program, camp and training session.


  1. Living like a Pro


At TAC Sports we offer the chance for children to live and train like Pros.

Our overnight camps give the ability for students to live like pros for one week – we have our Overnight Camp in the city.

Academies: Our Toronto Athletic F.C (T.A.F.C) Soccer Academy and TAC Force Basketball Academy offers the opportunity for campers to join highly competitive teams that train multiple weeks. Our students train to improve their psychological techniques, fitness, nutrition and confidence.

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