Developing Leadership Skills At TAC Sports

Leadership Skills Developed Through Playing Sports

Playing sports teaches kids many important lessons they can use in their everyday life. One of the most significant benefits of sports is it helps children develop into leaders. According to a study, 95% of CEOs in positions of power were athletes when they were younger. This showcases how sports build leadership qualities in children that they can take into adulthood. Below we will highlight the leadership skills developed through playing sports and further showcase why your kids should participate in sports. 


Even though this might be obvious, teamwork is one skill instilled in children from playing sports. The ability to be a part of a team is one of the basic skills that sports can help teach future leaders. Teamwork helps teach kids how to do their part, which is an important skill to have as a leader as you have to pull your work. Working in a team also teaches children how to delegate work, as they assign kids based on their skill sets. Delegation is essential as a leader as you must properly charge work to the correct parties so the work is done correctly. Great leaders need to build skills to be an example and practical to those they lead. Playing sports develops those team-building skills because of the bonding and communication in the team environment. Playing sports develops kids’ ability to work in a team, which is an essential leadership skill. 


To be a leader, you need to have excellent communication skills. Playing sports helps develop fantastic communication skills as it is required within a team to succeed. This is because talking with your teammates and coaches is crucial to becoming a successful team. It is necessary to let teammates know where you are on the field or court and what you are doing so they can react accordingly. It is also essential to communicate with your coach to let them know something you saw that they might not have. Or just the bare minimum of letting your team know you will be absent at a game or practice. Since communication is valued so highly in sports, it is thoroughly developed in children, which helps them develop this leadership skill at such a high level. Since communication is developed so thoroughly through sports, it helps kids have more vital communication skills and be in those leadership positions when they grow up. 

Decision-Making Skills 

Playing sports helps children develop decision-making skills through observing and interpreting information quickly. They learn to make decisions in the sport by watching their teammates and professional players play it. Also, they learn to make decisions within the sport through experiences, so they learn from right and wrong. Excellent leaders must be decisive and have these decision-making skills, and playing sports helps develop those skills. As well as playing sports, kids learn to develop strategies and adapt to succeed. These skills are essential to be a leader, to develop strategies for your team to follow and change them to something new when they are not working. Playing sports helps children develop decision-making and essential leadership skills to be strong leaders. 

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