Tips/Drills To Improve Your Footwork In Tennis

Footwork can be tricky in any sport, especially tennis. For parents wanting to improve their child’s game, here are three drills to help improve footwork.



3 Drills to Improve Footwork in Tennis



Tennis is a sport enjoyed by people all over the world for its speed, athleticism, and the simple fun of the game. Whether you’re the parent of someone aiming for the top or just looking for a good time, you’ve probably wondered what the best way to help them improve might be. While there’s a lot that goes into a good tennis player, footwork is one of the fundamentals for everyone. In order to supercharge skills, here are three drills to improve footwork in tennis.



  1. Split Step


The split step is the technical name for that little hop you might see the pros doing before they chase after the ball. Essentially, what you’re doing is, as mentioned before, hopping up into the air and landing with your feet about shoulder width apart and your knees bent. This puts the player in prime running position for heading toward the ball to return it just as the opponent has hit it. Have the player practice doing this from one side of the line to the other facing the net, making sure to stay in time with an imaginary opponent’s actions.



  1. Jumping Rope


When it comes to footwork, jumping rope is one of the best ways to help strengthen coordination. While it’s easy to start, becoming an expert at jumping rope requires a lot more skill than people think, especially at higher speeds, when crisscrossing, and changing things up. If you don’t believe it, just give it a try for yourself, but try not to get hurt too badly when you inevitably trip, or you won’t be able to guide your kids through it.



  1. Agility Ladder


A common training exercise in several sports reliant on fancy footwork is the agility ladder. Essentially, it involves running the length of a ladder pattern laid out on the ground while making sure to touch both feet into a single outlined area before advancing to the next. This can be done forward, from the side, and even backwards, not to mention all the variations possible as someone improves.


Tennis is a fun and challenging game for all ages built on good fundamentals, so help your kids brush up on theirs with these three drills for improving footwork.


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