Top Reasons You Should Participate in Our March Break Camp

Here at TAC Sports, among the many programs and camps that we host is the March break camp, which is available at a number of different locations in and around Vaughan and Markham. The five programs that your child can enroll in center around unique activities that extend from Lego robotics and software coding to sports like soccer and tennis. With the focus being on sports, aquatics, and tech, your child can become a sports star or tech leader.



Education Becomes Fun and Rewarding


The primary focus that we have with these camps is to help children work towards building their sports skills, life skills, and self-confidence. The education that we provide is centered around making sure that your child is having as much fun as possible while they are learning how to play sports or write code. We use a variety of physical development techniques and sports psychology methods to ensure that the activities your child partakes in while at the camp are always helping them develop into a better leader or player. There are a variety of different challenge levels with our classes, which ensures that the classes are age appropriate. While these classes are designed to be fun, the lessons your child learns will be rewarding as well.



Wide Range of Programs and Customizable Options


Your children can attend this camp for half-days or full days throughout the week. They will have the option of mixing and matching the different programs they partake in. Students between the age of 6-12 can select one sport or activity for a half day and two per week. Some of the available activities include basketball, soccer, tennis, martial arts, dance, Lego robotics, software coding, and cooking. The availability of so many options means that your child can customize their experience based entirely on what they’re interested in.



Classes Provide Individual Attention


Every child who attends our March break camp is provided with individualized attention that ensures they get the most out of each lesson. Our low coach-to-student ratio is set to one coach for every five students. All of the coaches here at TAC Sports are expert instructors who have ample experience.


If you’re interested in signing your child up for the March break camp, register today for one of our weekly camp locations.

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