Benefits of Multi-Sport Development and Sport-Specific Development

Benefits Of Multi-Sport and Sport-Specific Development Programs

Participating in multiple sports as a young child benefits their development in various sports. As the children age, it allows them to choose a sport they want to focus on. Growing within a sport is also very beneficial for kids at younger ages because they gain more skills and become more confident in themselves. Sport-specific development is helpful as the child ages for various reasons, such as building their confidence. Below this blog will cover why multi-sport development for younger children and why single sport development benefits kids 6+.


Benefits Of Multi-Sport Development For Younger Kids  

Multi-sport development is significant, especially for younger kids. Experts widely agree that physical literacy is an achievement in sports, and multi-sport development is the best way to approach physical literacy. Playing multiple sports also increases a child’s movement skills, which are necessary for all sports, and helps them develop and maintain a good standard of mobility. Research suggests early participation in multiple sports can lead to better motor and athletic development and an increased ability to transfer skills to other sports. Another great benefit of playing multiple sports is the physical benefit the children receive at a young age. Kids can develop flexibility, core stability, speed power, and conditioning through different sports. Multi-sport development is also beneficial for younger kids because it helps children avoid boredom with a sport. If a child only specializes in one sport from an early age, they will become bored with it in their teenage years. Participating in various sports will help the kids remain engaged with multiple sports and continue participating in sports as they age. As well as multi-sport development allows the child to choose which sport they want to pursue to continue playing when they are older. Since they are participating and exposed to various sports, they can determine which sport they wish to follow based on their enjoyment and skill within the sport. Overall, multi-sport development provides multiple benefits to the development and growth of sports for a child and their general enjoyment of sports. 

Benefits Of Sport-Specific Development Programs For Kids 6+

Children will want to focus on a specific sport as they grow, and single sport development programs benefit them exponentially. Focusing on a particular sport can help the child grow more knowledgeable and skillful within one sport they are interested in. Sport-specific development programs will help build on the preexisting knowledge and skills of the sport and grow them to be more proficient within the sport. Sport development programs would take the current skill level the child is at and constantly improve, raising them to be high-level players within the sport. Single sports development can also help children with their confidence. As they continue to improve their skills and performance within a sport they are interested in, their confidence will grow, which is essential. Confidence is a crucial part of motivation within a sport; the more confident someone is with their abilities, the more they will be looking to improve them. Overall sport specific development is very beneficial for kids 6+ because it continues to build their skills and make them more proficient in the sport. 



Multi and single-sport development is very beneficial for kids, but at different stages in their lives. Multi-sport development benefits kids 4-6 because it is their introduction to various sports. It helps them grow their skills, knowledge, and confidence in these sports and allows them to deduce which sport they want to pursue. Sport-specific programs are beneficial for those 6+ because it will enable them to grow further within the specific sport they wish to pursue. Allowing them to expand their knowledge, skills, and confidence within a sport they are passionate about.


Adventure & MultiSport Camp

Adventure camp is TAC Sport’s premiere physical literacy multi-sport program. Our incredible program covers popular sports (soccer and basketball) and individual sports such as tennis! Register your kid for Adventure Camp today, or for more information, head to our camps page!

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Single Sports Camp

At TAC Sports, we offer a variety of single sport-specific camps and programs kids 7+ can enroll in. We have incredible coaches that will develop the knowledge and skills of the children within the single sport they are trying to pursue. If you are interested in registering your children in sport-specific development programs, head to

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